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Since 1980, women have been telling their friends, neighbors and family members about Aerobic Rhythmics. They say it’s a fun, unintimidating place to make a difference in your body, attitude, and fitness level. They say we get results, and we do. All it takes is 1 hour, 2 times a week, with no sweaty machines or equipment. All you need are a resistance tube, small hand weights and a floor mat. And there are no membership fees or contracts!

Aerobic Rhythmics has created a unique atmosphere for women of all ages and fitness levels. Our classes are held in schools, community buildings and churches in the area of Montgomery, Bucks and Chester counties. The class size and attire are very comfortable and the certified instructors have years of experience along with wonderful people skills. Their goal is to help you succeed, reach your fitness goals and most of all, have fun!

Primarily by word-of-mouth, Aerobic Rhythmics has grown to twenty locations with twenty-five classes to choose from. Since our students can jump from one class location to another, it works for their busy lifestyles. The total body workout of cardio resistance, Pilates toning and relaxation with Yoga has made our company, and more importantly our students, a success.




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